What is Halal?

It simply means an act that is permissible according to Islamic law.

In which Halal food are foods which are allowed and slaughtered with Islamicย practices.

According to Islamic law, the slaughtering of animals is with the use of a very sharp knife by cutting the throat and by invoking the name of Allah by saying “Bismillah”(In the name of Allah) and then 3 times “AllahuAkbar”( Allah is the greastest)


There are also food that are prohibited for consumption.

Examples are;

  • Pork(Anything that is of pig’s origin like ham,bacon, parmaham..etc)
  • Alcohol(wine, beer etc..)
  • Carcasses of dead animals
  • Animals slaughtered incorrectly or not with respect to Islamic practices.

Usually Muslim would look for the Halal logo to ensure the proper Islamic way that the food products have been slaughtered or do not contain any of the above examples.

These are the various Halal logo by the different countries to attest that the certain foods or products are halal.

Halal logos from various countries